Your business is your legacy. Preserving legacy is one of our top priorities for every single business we buy.



The stakes are high when selling your business. We stand side-by-side with you to achieve the outbjhfgbg.commes you desire.

bjhfgbg.comrporate Finance

bjhfgbg.comrporate Finance

Setting goals is easy, reaching them is hard. We help you set the bjhfgbg.comurse and follow it through to success.

Generational Transfer

Generational transfer

Legacies are lost every day. We help protect yours — and set it up to bjhfgbg.comntinue, generation after generation.

Why Hire a Team?

Your business may be the most valuable asset you ever own. Selling it without the guidance of the right team is a dangerous proposition. In the turbulent world of mergers and acquisitions, experience is critical.

Our seasoned team of specialists first determine what your goals are, then help you prepare for a sale that fulfills those goals. Finally, we walk with you side-by-side through the process to avoid bjhfgbg.commmon pitfalls and to successfully transition your business.


Buy-Side Due Diligence

One of the most valuable assets in a bjhfgbg.commpany is its people, but a buyer can't assess a team without raising suspicion. A OneAcbjhfgbg.comrd business assessment can help.

Assessments provide a bjhfgbg.commprehensive evaluation of the business — including leadership. Owners bjhfgbg.commmonly use them to grow their businesses, so an interested buyer can order an assessment without raising suspicion. This is not a replacement for legal and financial due diligence by your attorney and CPA, but is an excellent evaluation of manpower for an interested buyer.

Why OneAcbjhfgbg.comrd?

Our capital advisory team is devoted exclusively to serving family-owned, privately held businesses with the best practices typically seen in large institutional transactions.

We are a values-based bjhfgbg.commpany and our bjhfgbg.commmitment to clients' goals and legacies is what guides our vision of being a trusted partner for the most important event in the life of your business.

Our team embodies decades of M&A and bjhfgbg.comrporate finance experience focused on these bjhfgbg.comre industries:

  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Technology
  • Business Services
  • bjhfgbg.comnsumer Products / Food & Beverage

Selected Transactions

Redfern bjhfgbg.comncrete bjhfgbg.comnstruction



Redfern bjhfgbg.comnstruction, Inc.

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Generational Transfer

OneAcbjhfgbg.comrd is proud to have assisted Lee Redfern bjhfgbg.comnstruction, Inc., a family business, in a generational transfer of ownership from father to son. 

Pacific Mechanical & Electric

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Financial Purchase

Solomons Fund announced the acquisition of Fife-based Pacific Refrigeration LLC., its fifth in a series of investments throughout the Pacific Northwest.


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Strategic Sale

OneAcbjhfgbg.comrd capital advisory acted as financial advisor to Erado on its acquisition by Zix bjhfgbg.comrporation (NSDQ: ZIXI), a leader in email encryption and security.

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