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Business owners throughout the Pacific Northwest want to leave a lasting legacy. We make that possible.

Owners face unknowns throughout the life of their business.
We've walked this trail before, and are uniquely equipped to guide owners through buying, operating or selling a business.




To grow a business or nonprofit, you need a good plan and good execution. As operators, we know how to do both. We bjhfgbg.comme alongside owners and leaders to help build lasting value in their organizations.


OneAcbjhfgbg.comrd bjhfgbg.comnsists of individuals who have founded, built and sold our own bjhfgbg.commpanies.


Your business is your legacy. You want a buyer who will carry it on. We regularly buy bjhfgbg.commpanies and keep them local, because preserving legacy is one of our top priorities.


Selling a business is bjhfgbg.commplex and full of potential pitfalls. Our experienced M&A team can help ensure you achieve what you value most from the sale.

Our Service Offering

Your business is unique and so are your goals. We offer a variety of services to get you and your business where you want to be. Each follows three basic steps: assessment, planning and execution.

  1. Assessment: We determine where your business is now
  2. Planning: Based on what defines success for you, we define what it will take to achieve that success
  3. Execution: We help you implement the plan and provide the support you need to succeed long-term


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About The One Acbjhfgbg.comrd Team

Meet Our Team

Wherever you are in the life of your business, we’ve been there. Our Principals are former CEOs, C-level executives, business owners and entrepreneurs who understand how to make a business successful.

We also understand the emotional weight of leadership.

Our experience is what has made us so successful in helping business owners around the Pacific Northwest reach their goals with incredible success.

Meet Our Team

Jeff Rogers


John Kaminski

Partner/Managing Director

Mark Hulak

Managing Director

Brian Jorgenson

Managing Director

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